Pengumuman Resmi
2020-09-30/WeTrade FX/Pengumuman Resmi
Notification on Stop Out Level Change Dear Valued Clients, In order to improve trading experience, WeTrade stop out level and margin call level will change on 10pm of Sep 30th,2020(The server time), please refer to details as following: Ite...
2020-09-30/WeTrade FX/Pengumuman Resmi
Risk Announcement for the U.S. NFP Data Dear Valued Clients, The US government will release non-farm payroll data for September 2020 on coming Friday(Oct 2nd,2020). During NFP, the market may experience dramatic fluctuations, such as insuff...
2020-09-24/WeTrade FX/Pengumuman Resmi
WeTrade FX |Notification of Recent Trading Hours Adjustment Dear Valued Clients,: As the Mid-Autumn and National Day Festival of China are coming on October 1st 2020, the trading hours of the following instruments will change(Others wil...
2020-09-04/WeTrade FX/Pengumuman Resmi
Adjustment of Trading Hours for Year 2020 U.S. Labor Day Dear Clients, As the U.S. Labor Day is coming on September 7, 2020, the trading hours of the following symbols will change(Other symbols will not be affected). Symbols Instruments...
2020-09-03/WeTrade FX/Pengumuman Resmi
Dear Clients, The US government will release non-farm payroll data for August 2020 on coming Friday(Sep.,4th,2020). During NFP, the market may experience dramatical fluctuations,such as insufficient liquidity, leading to sliding points, wid...
2020-08-28/WeTrade FX/Pengumuman Resmi
Maintenance on Client Portal Dear Clients We will have client portal maintenance on this coming Saturday (August 29th ) from 09:30 to 14:30 (GMT+8). During the maintenance, you will not be able to login MT4,login the client portal...
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